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Security BarriersSecurity Barriers - Security barriers information and links in a range of forms of security including: bollards, security doors, gate openers, electric fencing, security gates and other great security barriers to protect your property.

The security gates page gives advice about how to install your own home security gates with hints about layout, swing gates, sliding gates, squaring up and links to other security barrier sites.

double gates

portable gates

check your local authority fire regulations

In some counties and states, there are regulations covering security gates to allow for fire tender access;

For example ... No gate may be installed across a required fire department access road or driveway without prior approval of the Fire Department. A detailed plan shall be submitted for review and approval prior to commencing any work. This requirement may be modified depending upon the complexity of the installation.

security gates self install advice

Installing a gate is not difficult, but it certainly helps to understand the details in order to select and install your gate without any problems. Here we offer details explaining the more intricate side of gate layout, ordering, and installations.

laying Out your security gates

The Pocket
It is most desirable to have a small "pocket" in front of your gate. If the gate must be right up against your road, a wider opening should be considered, if possible.

Since automatic security gates open only slightly more than 90 degrees, it is important to make the gate perpendicular to your drive path.

In-swing / Out-swing
The most desirable configuration for a swinging gate is to swing inward. However, certain driveway conditions can make it necessary to swing a gate outward. An in-swinging gate opens into the drive space.

Imagine standing outside your gate, then ask yourself, which way do I want it to swing open, left or right.

Swinging vs. Sliding Security Gates
A swinging gate is the first choice if possible. A swinging gate is generally less expensive, better looking and safer than a sliding gate.

Vehicle Detectors

Buried Detectors
Exit Probe for free-exit uses
Visible Detectors

Steel Security GatesSteel Gates - The steel security gates page describes the popular folding steel security gates system and provides links to suppliers and further information about security barriers.

Driveway Security GatesDriveway Gates - Information about driveway security gates and how they can add beauty and security to your home with access to other sites where you can buy your home driveway security gates.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Wholesale Gate Company - Steel Folding Security Gate by Wholesale Gate Company.

Gate School - for more on how to install your security gates.

An example of fire regulations - in a US state.

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