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Security barriers information and links in a range of forms of security including: bollards, security doors, gate openers, electric fencing, security gates and other great security barriers to protect your property.

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WARNING - please make sure that you can escape in the event of a Fire

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This information site is aimed mainly at the domestic house market and discusses the various methods of keeping your home secure using window, door and perimeter security barriers. In addition, we have included a few commercial security applications which you can also apply to your own home security arrangements.

some general home security advice and security barriers

Houses are most vulnerable at the rear. Burglars can be quite athletic and good at climbing fences. However, if a two metre fence is topped with a 30-45cms of weak trellising, the burglar will have great difficulty climbing it without risking being seen and breaking the trellis. The noise involved and the risk of injury is very likely to put them off.

Using plants as a fence topping is another option, for example a climbing rose.

Wooden gates can be easy for thieves to climb, covering cross members with panel security barriers can make life more difficult for criminals by removing an obvious foothold.

Ornamental iron gates are more difficult to climb and intruders can be seen through them. It's a good idea to have two locks on a gate, for example a padlock and padlock bar plus a barrel bolt at the bottom.

In order to protect vehicles on your drive, security barriers such as collapsible posts can be installed. A key enables you to pull these up, push them back down to ground level and lock them into place.

WARNING - please make sure that you can escape in the event of a Fire

Gate OpenersGate Openers - The gate openers page describes the various options available for opening gates and fences with a word on safety and access to other online sources of information about gate openers.

BollardsBollards - The bollards page describes the fixed concrete versions which can be very decorative as well as the traditional temporary and removable bollards for driveways.

Security DoorsSecurity Doors - The security doors page gives general advice on how to secure your doors using the various roller shutter and grill systems and points to suppliers of security doors.

Electric FencingElectric Fencing - The electric fencing page gives details of how it works and what you need to do to set up electric fencing to protect your home and property.

Security GatesSecurity Gates - The security gates page gives advice about how to install your own home security gates with hints about layout, swing gates, sliding gates, squaring up and links to other security barrier sites.

Automatic GatesAutomatic Gates - The automatic gates page gives general advice including cable and electrical requirements on how to intall your own automatic gates and points to some online retail sources.

Security ShuttersSecurity Shutters - The security shutters page shows the benefits and operation of this window and door security shutters system and points to it's energy efficiency and other useful information sources.

Window Security BarsWindow Bars - The window security bars page features the Adaptabars system with reference to safety, how to install yourself and pointers to other sources of information about window security bars.

Window GrillesWindow Grilles - The window grilles page gives general advice about window security, safety and points to some other useful sources of information about window grilles.

Security FencingSecurity Fencing - The security fencing page gives some legal advice about home fences, the simple and effective use of trellis on fencing and points to other useful sources of information about security fencing.

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